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Recovering lithium from black mass

About us

Lithium 367 is a Norway-based technology company committed to promoting sustainability by minimizing waste, preserving resources, and advocating for a circular economy.

As the demand for lithium continues to surge, there is an increasing need for efficient, cost-effective, and large-scale extraction and refining processes. Our team of experts is dedicated to developing a proprietary process that recovers lithium from end-of-life batteries. By reducing waste and conserving resources, our innovative approach to recycling helps to mitigate the environmental impact of the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries.

Our mission

To develop and bring to market innovative, cost-efficient, and sustainable processes for lithium recycling from black mass.

At Lithium 367, our objective is to address the increasing demand for lithium across various industries while minimizing the environmental footprint and waste generation. We are developing proprietary technology based on sustainable practices to minimize the environmental impact and contribute to a circular economy.


To become a leading provider of sustainable and environmentally responsible battery-grade lithium, working towards a greener and more sustainable future.

We aspire to establish a closed-loop lithium recycling system that supports the transition towards a circular economy, where valuable resources are reused, and waste is minimized.

Our values


We value innovation and strive to develop and implement novel and efficient lithium recycling technologies to stay ahead of the curve and continuously improve our processes.


We value sustainability and believe in the importance of reducing environmental impact by recovering and reusing valuable resources.


We value collaboration and believe in the importance of building partnerships and working with other companies, organizations, and stakeholders to advance sustainable lithium recycling practices.


We value responsibility and take ownership of our impact on the environment and society, ensuring that our operations are conducted in a safe and ethical manner.

About us

Samaneh is a highly accomplished materials scientist and engineer with expertise in hydrometallurgy, nanotechnology, and advanced coatings. She has held roles in materials research, business & product development, and project management.

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Samaneh Etemadi
Chief Executive Officer

Rune is an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working with the chemicals industry. He possesses exceptional skills in the areas of nanomaterials, chemical process, with a Ph.D. in Geology/earth Science, clay mineralogy. He is an inventor/co-inventor of about 30 patents.

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Rune Wendelbo
Chief Technology Officer

Janett is a qualified chemical engineer with expertise in catalysis, analytical test methods, and organic synthesis. She is also experienced in Quality work, HSE, administration, and HR. Additionally, as a co-owner and manager of a staffing company, she brings a wealth of experience in business management.

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Janett Simensen
Chief Development Officer

Dag is a qualified nuclear chemist with extensive expertise in hydrometallurgy. He supervises students at UiO and co-authors numerous scientific publications. He is the CEO of Primus.inter.pares AS, a partner in several green start-ups, and an advisor to the European process industry network PROMETIA.

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Dag Øistein Eriksen
Scientific advisor

Join our Team

At Lithium 367, we are committed to a sustainable future through waste reduction and resource conservation. Our talented team shares this vision and is key to our success.

If you have a background in materials science, chemical engineering, or hydrometallurgy and passionate about making a positive impact on the environment, we would love to hear from you. Please submit an open application at

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